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Dann Application

Post by daniele117 on Mon 13 Aug 2012, 1:11 am

Name: Daniele Taffi

Age: 21 (i feel young inside ^^)

Xat Name: Dann

Location: Italy, gmt+1 =)

IGN: Vulture

Flyff Experience as a player: Okay this will take long time to say. I started playing flyff since V2 (yes, you heard V2) when there was only 3 servers at the official EU flyff (i was playing into Aibatt and my char name was Tsnunade, a RM), and there was Power dice, no green after 45, max level 120, only 10-15 players that level, kebara island etc etc...and other things that if you want i can tell you ^^
Anyway, as player i started when i was 13-14 and i played till now (i'm 21) with just 1 version or 2 of stop.
Then when i reached hero with my Rm into the Eu flyff i moved to other private servers and other games too, but i alwais returned to flyff.
So basically i was alwais a player that offered help in vest of Rm and in vest of friend so now i'm there to try becoming more than a simply player that is passive, but i want help too in first person by punishing who go towards rules and do things that must not be done.

Flyff Experience as a GM: As Gm i was part of some low budget/fame servers that was not even showed on gtop or top 100 lists because was made by friends. But i had experience with the Administration of servers like mysql, databases, 3d models, odbc setup and etc.. THen i had experience as Gm in other mmorpg like Aion, Rf: online, Cabal etc..

Hours online per day: 3-4 for sure, then i stay more in holidays obviusly.

Personal information: About me i can say a lot as all out there. Well as i said i'm Italian but i speak English, Spanish (a little) and French (a little). I studied information technology there and then i moved to study to become a nurse (lol yes, i've done that because i love helping others..).
Meanwhile i was training hard for Taekwondo (my main sport activity) and in September i'll be joining Internation competition in Austria and if i take a medal there i could be qualified for olympic games at Rio (half impossibru looking at those who partecipate but i give out a try ;D)
After that i play organ for my Church and i'm taking lessons for hip hop and others thing :D

How you can help us : How can i help? Obviusly helping =) I'm versatile and i can be moved to any job but first of all where is needed :D
I want to bring my experience that i had by playing for almost 8 years there by trying to make the server be better and obviusly by growing in number =)
My motto is "do the best to be the best" and it's about that i would like to get this job :D

Thanks for the time spent reading all this, I hope that you liked it and maybe that this app could be accepted :3 :D
I'm a little unknown in the game, but i try to do the best to be serious, helpfully and funny when is needed :)

Thanks again for the possibility to say all that,
with regards,
~ Dann

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