Thoughts on the burnout system...

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Thoughts on the burnout system...

Post by raigunner on Tue 31 Jul 2012, 5:13 pm

The feature in theory and concept is nice and it's definitely a fun little addition to grinding, but how it functions is just plain bad...

Having to hit mobs 1,000 times to gain the ability should yield a decent effect. But what you get is 2 60 second passive buff bonuses. 1 Gives Attack+2000/STR+50 and the other gives DEX+150/80% Chance to restore HP.

Now these aren't very good effects. First off, "Attack" as an attribute is abysmal and it has no multiplicative value, so it will not work off the attack modifiers from weapons/consumables/suit piercings. "Additional Damage" is the more efficient alternative to this. "Attack" just literally 2,000 more damage to your overall damage output, which is useless when you're hitting 100's of thousands and millions worth of damage.

Secondly, 80% chance to restore HP is worthless, we already have 25% Soul Leeching (bloodsuck) on OP fashion head pieces which does the samething just as well. Anything else, you have Remantises for. So that's not a productive mod to have.

Lastly... 60 second base timer is just poor... especially since these are only acquired through means of PvM. A 10-15 minute timer would be a more balanced and usable way to utilize these, while stacking the timer further as you keep grinding with it on. That's just my thoughts so far.

Good system, but needs a bit more thought and work put into it so it can see its potential.
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Re: Thoughts on the burnout system...

Post by Lukaaaaas on Tue 31 Jul 2012, 8:54 pm

mh try to fight vs a Cloackwork i think ur Game will crash :)

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