Hallo! Erry'one! ^-^

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Hallo! Erry'one! ^-^

Post by DuplicationTerror on Tue 03 Jul 2012, 5:28 am

Hi, my name's Camille, I'm from Hereford, England, but I'm usually from the Philippines, I've been playing FlyFF since I was like, 9, I've taken a lot of interest in the game, it doesn't matter how old it is! I spend most of my time, writing songs, singing, hanging out with friends, etc! I'm friendly and pretty much hyper all the time! I'm sorry if I get annoying sometimes, but hey, just tell me asap, and I shall stop, because I'm suppose to be here to make people happy! Woohoo! I like a lot of anime's too, I enjoy them far too much that I often speak Japanese to my parents and they just say 'Are you okay sweetheart?' And I'm just like, a little embarrass, so I just walk away >-< I'm also a really good listener! If you ever have problems, I'll be here for you no matter what! I'll drop the things I'm doing and be there for you! Don't be afraid to hit me up! Either in game or on here, chatbox or whatever! This is it for now! Bye-bye~!
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